Hello Polish Freaks!

I have what I like to call a passion for nail polish,though others might call it an obsession. But whatever you want to call it, it’s my passion and I want to share my love for polish with my fellow polish freaks. I like quality polishes such as OPI, Essie, Zoya and Rescue Beauty Lounge (which is my splurge buy every now and then!). So what better way to share an obsession than through a blog. You may be thinking, “What makes your polish blog so different from the ones that are already out there?” Well my answer to that would be: I am a college student with not a whole lot of money to spend on entire collections of nail polish so my blog is going to be creatively different. I view nail polish as an accessory to my wardrobe and an indicator of my mood. I intend to post my favorite colors of the season, make suggestions about wardrobe color co-ordinations, suggest colors for special events/holidays, etc….I think you get the idea….The other thing that makes me different is that I am African-American, so I think it will be good to get the perspective of a person of color for what polishes work best against our skin tones. I’m not only going to feature my hands, but those of my friends as well (and they are all different shades!) As you may know some colors may look good on some, but not on others. This is because different colors pick up various tones in our skin…So this is my polish blog…I hope you enjoy it and make this your first stop for polish suggestions….PEACE!

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