My Favorite Fall Colors!

I love fall! Such a beautiful time of the year, especially since all of my favorite colors are everywhere: burnt orange, deep reds and purples, browns and greens…makes me smile just thinking about it 🙂 So below are three of my favorite fall colors…between the three colors, they should cover your entire wardrobe(remember, everything doesn’t have to be perfectly matched, just as long as all the colors go together)…
This is one of my favorite RBL (Rescue Beauty Lounge) colors, No More War. It’s a deep olive green that goes on so perfectly. The formula is excellent and it really lasts for 7-10 days! The first pic shows the deep, dark tones of the color. The second pic I took with the flash on to show the brighter, warmer tones of the color. Isn’t it gorgeous! Perfect color to go with browns, tans, purples, a burnt orange, teal/turquoise and even black.
The next color is Sally Hensen Salon, The Deepest of Violets and it really is! I like Sally Hensen formulas, they apply smoothly and you can get a few days of wear from them. But when you are someone who changes her nail polish as much as I do all you need is a couple days of wear anyway. My only complaint about this polish was the skinny brush (it makes the application awkward) but I think I have just gotten used to the OPI pro-wide brush. But I really like the depth of this color, as shown by the two pics. Again, the one at the top shows the deeper, blackened purple base of the color while the second pic shows the warmer purple tone of the color. Lovely…a great steppin’ out for the evening sort of color. And it goes with just about anything because it’s almost black.

Last, but certainly not least, one of my favorite colors from OPI’s Holiday 2009 Collection, Ginger Bells. The perfect color for fall and for brown skin! When I first saw this color it immediately reminded me of candied yams and my grandma’s sweet potato pie, it’s the perfect Thanksgiving Day color! I didn’t even need to take two pics of this color because I thought that this pic captured the color very well. It’s a very warm fall color. And of course, like most OPI colors, the formula is great. The wide brushes that OPI polishes have really make for easy and smooth application.

So these are my three favorite fall colors and they will definitely transition with me into the winter! Hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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