Natural Nail Care

I’m currently reading “Rescue Your Nails” by Ji Baek, the founder of Rescue Beauty Lounge and creator of some of my favorite polishes. So I wanted to share some of her natural nail care tips with you. Hey, you can’t be a polish freak and not have beautiful hands and nails to show off the beautiful polish!! 😉

The Ten (unbreakable) Rules of Nail Care
by Ji Baek
1.) Take your vitamins. Nails are keratin-based, so make sure you have enough calcium, protein, and nutrients in your diet.

2.) Moisturize and hydrate. Dryness can cause your nails to crack and split. Use moisturizer for your outside, drink plenty of water for your inside.

3.) Keep your nails clean. There is nothing more unattractive than having dirt under your nails–remember, clean is chic!

4.) File your nails weekly into a smooth, even shape, whether they’re short or long.

5.) Take care of your tools. Learn the three S’s–sterilization, sanitation, and storage–and be vigilant. Preventable infections are just that–preventable!

6.) Trust your instincts. If it hurts, don’t do it. If it feels wrong, stop it. If (heaven forbid) it bleeds, tend to it immediately.

7.) If it chips, take is off!! If you see the chip, EVERYONE can see the chip. Uniformly lovely nails are just a swipe of remover away.

8.) Don’t be a slave to trends. If you’re seeing the same color everywhere, only wear it if you like the way it looks. Say no to peer pressure!

9.) Don’t be afraid of trends. Get out of your rut and try something new!

10.) Have fun! Experiment! Remember, your nails’ style is hardly permanent. If you’re even slightly tired of your current look, change it! If you’re not happy, all it takes is some polish remover and you’re back in the safety zone.


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