Beat Winter Dryness

Hey guys, I know I have been M.I.A. lately, I went out of town over the weekend and things have been pretty hectic since I got back so I haven’t really had any time to do color swatches. But I do have one more X-mas day suggestion that I hopefully will be able to post tomorrow and I have some really special suggestions for NEW YEARS coming soon!! I’m excited to post those!! But anyway, I have some natural nail care tips for you in the meantime…….So we all know that our skin can become really dry during the winter, so I have a few tips and products that can help you beat the winter skin blues.
Because there is less moisture in the air during the winter, our skin can become really dry and our hands and feet suffer as well. Our cuticles can become especially dry and they need to be cared for between manicures during the winter. Here are some cuticle care tips that you can do at home:
1.) Once a week, soak your cuticles in warm water with a couple drops of cuticle oil (I LOVE Sally Hansen’s cuticle oil with vitamin E) in the water AND applied directly to the cuticle. (DO NOT USE SOAP, it dries your cuticles out) After soaking your nails, use a cuticle pusher to push those bad boys BACK!!
 2.) Once a week, exfoliate your hands (True Blue Spa “Just a Minute 60-sec Manicure Scrub from Bath&Body Works will do the job), this removes the dead skin cells from your hands and allows you to apply the moisturizer to your fresh clean skin, not on top of dry, dead skin cells.

3.) Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!! I love True Blue Spa’s “Look Ma New Hands” from Bath&Body Works. Its ingredients feature paraffin oil, which keep hands/skin super moisturized and protected.

4.) Lastly, we can’t forget our feet!  Like most, I tend to slack off of my pedicure regimen during the winter because my feet aren’t exposed. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up with grooming them at home. Even if you don’t give yourself a full pedicure at home the least you can do is exfoliate and moisturize! Try True Blue Spa “Toe the Line” for your scrub and “Shea it Isn’t So” as a moisturizer…they work wonders together! Scrub weekly or bi-weekly; moisturize daily!!

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