I almost held out on getting this collection, but I gave in and got the Minis set. The two stars of this collection are Absolutely Alice and Mad as a Hatter. I was surprised that OPI decided to do two more reds, especially after all the reds that they did for the holiday collection. Don’t get me wrong they are pretty reds, but do we really need two more? However, after viewing the trailer for the movie, I know why they decided to do reds, but I think one red would have sufficed. In my opinion, they should have done a shimmer green or pink. But enough of my rambling here is the collection…

First the Reds….this is “Off with Her Red”

A pretty creme red. Enough said.
Next is “Thanks So Muchness”

A pretty red shimmer. 
If you’re a glitter gal, the next two are definitely for you. The first star of the collection is “Absolutely Alice”.
An amazing blue glitter with micro silver flecks. The base is clear but the glitter manages to cover the entire nail in three coats.
And last but not least, my fav from the collection, “Mad as a Hatter”.
A gorgeous multi-glitter with sparkles of silver, gold, pink, green, purple…confetti for your nails!! Reminds me a little of RBL’s Frugalista. This one also has a clear base, but becomes opaque in three coats.
So that’s OPI Alice in Wonderland…what do you think about the collection?
As a matter of fact, I’m feeling generous today! SO if you’re the first person to leave a comment on this post, the Mini set is yours! Just leave your email address in the comment and I’ll contact you for additional info!



8 thoughts on “OPI ALICE in WONDERLAND

  1. Finally someone commented! I seen this and wanted to comment on how great the glitters were but I didnt want to be first cause I've already got the polish! Congrats to the first commenter!

  2. What a nice thing to giveaway the mini set. I ordered the two glitters. I don't need anymore reds. I guess they had to do a red. Couldn't they come up with something that was different? Your right about all the reds at Christmas. So why do 2 reds?

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