Wait…It’s Still Winter Right??

Just checking, because in the polish world Spring is certainly in the air with the launch of collections like Essie’s The Art of Spring and China Glaze’s Up & Away…But it’s not spring quite yet, so dark, vampy colors are still in, YES!! So I was digging through my collection when I noticed that Essie’s Wicked and OPI’s We’ll Always Have Paris are very similar, so I decided to do a comparison….

Essie Wicked

OPI We’ll Always Have Paris

So as you can see, two very similar colors. Both a dark, rich shade of red. “Wicked” is a very dark, almost black, red while “We’ll Always Have Paris” is a dark red (slightly lighter than “Wicked”), that has visible undertones of pink. Both colors were easy to apply and opaque in two coats. Wicked was a little streaky at two coats, most likely my error, so I applied a third coat to even it out a bit. So when you do vampy do you go for reds, purples, browns??


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