Urban Outfitters Polish

I’ve bought about four polishes from urban outfitters and I was so excited to swatch these only to be disappointed by how bad the formula was on these. To make matters worse the formula was inconsistent from polish to polish. The darker more pigmented colors seem to have a slightly better quality formula than the pastel or bright colors. The names are very simple but I thought the little square bottles were cute. I won’t be buying anymore of these though, I’ll stick to my American Apparels! You guys know I loved those!! Urban Outfitters, I’m sorry, but you get an F in the nail polish dept, if you’re not gonna do it right don’t do it at all. I mean truly they were worse then most drugstore brands I’ve tried…OK I’m done venting now…
 Green 4
A dark green…this was about 6-7 coats! This one was really watery and streaky. So it took about 6-7 coats to get it to the color I wanted it to be…a pretty dark green though when it finally got there…
Purple 1
Out of the four polishes I tried from U.O., this was my favorite. The formula on this one was the best out of the four. It was opaque in about four coats…I’m really in love with this color, a very pigmented magenta color, not at all purple. Maybe in the purple family??…Even though I liked this color, I’m still not buying anymore…I didn’t even swatch the other two colors I got from U.O., Blue 6 and Matte Grey. The Blue color was just embarrassing, pretty in the bottle but it was a mess on the nail and the Matte Grey wasn’t so matte at all!!

5 thoughts on “Urban Outfitters Polish

  1. I have the Blue 6 and the Grey 4! I like the jelly consistency, but hate the application. I found it wearable at 4 coats!I agree that it's definitely not worth it! 10 mL bottles, 4 coats or more. Ugh!

  2. I got some polishes from UO in the UK and they were really different to this. They were called Sparkle & Fade and had no names. I found the formula variable on mine, some were ok and one was awful but i got them in BOGOF so I don't mind so much :DThe packaging on these is much nicer, it's a shame they don't apply well.

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