Valentine’s Mani…China Glaze Seduce Me

Ok I know I am a day late, but my camera died on me yesterday so I had to wait until today to get batteries and upload my pics from yesterdays swatch-fest…

So I wasn’t even going to do a Valentine’s Day Mani or even wear a polish that remotely paid homage to the day because its such a Hallmark Holiday created so that card, candy and flower retailers can make money…But I was going through my collection to find colors I hadn’t swatched yet and my eyes fell on this baby…

China Glaze SEDUCE ME

The camera doesn’t even capture the depth of this color. It is a VERY pigmented RASPBERRY red creme. Meaning, it’s a red with strong pink undertones to it. It was love at first sight. The formula was great, opaque in two coats. 

I’m actually kind of mad that my camera didn’t really capture this color because it’s not this red in real life. The pink undertones are very visible…oh well *shrugs* I’m saving up for a new camera now, any suggestions??


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