OPI Jade is the New Black

So I’ve been really into greens lately and I believe this color is the reason why. I swatched this color a few weeks ago and since then I’ve been buying green polishes like crazy!! But none have lived up to this shade yet…I’m so in love with this pretty shade of green, just take a look for yourself…

One word comes to mind, CHIC! Sometimes green nail polish can seem less than sophisticated. But OPI hit the nail on the head with this one. This color evokes sophistication and confidence! This is such an awesome shade of green because it will look great year round. It has subtle undertones of yellow which makes it a shade somewhere between forest green and teal. Love it!! Like most OPI cremes it applies easily and is opaque in two coats.
Sidenote: Sorry I haven’t been posting as frequently lately, school has been kicking my ass this semester! But spring break is coming up and I will be a posting monster that week!! Can’t wait to graduate in May so I can focus on things that I want and love to do, in my free time! Also I have been working on a new angle for this blog, as I love nail polish and fashion so I have something in store that I think you’re going to love! Stay tuned for that…

7 thoughts on “OPI Jade is the New Black

  1. It's a hard green to match! I actually love greens, and have a ton of them to show for it. Green is my favorite color, so little surprise there – and this is an awesome one! It seems to suit EVERYONE. Including you!No worries, girl, do your school thing, that's very important!

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