I’m back in business!!! Orly Prince Charming…

Hola PolishFreak readers! I’m back in business! I needed to take a little break I had some issues going on in my personal life that needed to be handled and now that that is all squared away I can get back to doing what I love…blogging about nail polish!! As you can imagine I have a ton of polishes that I need to share with you all because even though I haven’t been blogging, I’ve still be buying away!! LOL! I even bought a light box/tent, which should help significantly with getting posts done because I don’t have to depend on the sun…So anyway, over the last few weeks I had been on the prowl for the most perfect chocolate creme polish and during one of my Sally’s runs I found this baby, Orly Prince Charming….

This was the last color I swatched against the sun…I really am loving this color against my skin tone. I’m really into browns and taupes right now and I think this is the perfect combo of the two. When you first look at it in the bottle it appears to be a chocolatey-brown creme but after seeing it on the nail, you can see the grey undertones of the color. My only complaint about the polish is the formula, I’ve found that Orly polishes can be kinda watery. However this still applied pretty evenly and was opaque in about three coats… LOVE! So what are you guys favorite taupes and browns??


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