The PolishFreak LookBook Series…

A new series I have been working on for this blog combines my obsession with nail polish with my love for fashion…I’m going to be ambitious here and say that once a week I will be posting looks that I have created with the help of All these looks will be inspired by popular colors of the season and will incorporate different looks for different styles (i.e. rocker chic, bohemian chic, classic, vintage, etc.) So if you have any suggestions on polish colors you would like to see incorporated into a certain look just send me an email at and I’ll create a look. The looks that I create here will be suggestions for color coordination and styling suggestions for polish colors. I hope you guys enjoy this series, feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or feedback…thanks!

So this is the first look that I have created. My inspiration for this look was OPI Jade is the New Black, which I posted some time ago… The look I created is a combination of Classic Chic with a Rocker Chic edge. The leather jacket and platform pumps provide an elegant edge to this glam one shoulder dress by Diane Von Furstenburg. This color is such a stunner it can stand alone OR it should be worn with colors it won’t clash with. It looks gorgeous against black, purple, blue and grey, which I was able to incorpate all these colors…So what do you think of this look?


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