I’m coming y’all!!!

Hey guys,

I’m coming!!! Life has been hectic since graduation but it’s finally slowing up and now I can make some time to do things I enjoy! Plus, I was on a ‘no buy’ that I have now lifted from myself…I went like two months!! Can you believe it!? Anyway…doing some swatching now and gonna try to do a lookbook tonight too, if not tonight, then definitely tomorrow…Did you guys enjoy SATC2? I did! I know a lot of people were saying it wasn’t that great and it wasn’t needed but I enjoyed it! I didn’t need all the drama and emotions from the first one (although that will always be my fav of the two, hands down). But the second one was a nice escape from reality for a little while. And not to mention the fashion! Samantha stole the show, she was hilarious and not to mention all the gorgeous MINX manis that she rocked throughout the movie. My fav was the red and gold half moon that she had, that was sharp!! Ok I’m going to go swatch, stay tuned for a post…Just wanted to touch base and let you guys know I appreciate the support and I’m coming!!!


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