Color Club ‘Poptastic’ Series

     I had so much fun swatching the newest collection from Color Club, POPTASTIC! I wanted to get sun shots for these, since they are such fun bright colors. Needless to say I was out on my deck swatching in 90 degree weather! LOL, but its all good, I got some good shots and probably sweated out some toxins in the meantime (I was literally soaked when I finished). All the colors were sssooo awesomely vibrant. I don’t usually like neons, but I must say I kinda fell in love with these…They don’t seem to be as ‘fluorescent’ as other neon collections, which I actually liked! I just think neons look kinda funny on brown skin, but that’s my personal opinion. 

     This was my first experience with Color Club polishes and they pretty much lived up to my expectations. The formula of these, however, was a little inconsistent throughout the collection, but I think that’s the risk with such high pigmented colors. Overall I was pretty satisfied with them and I am glad to have them in my collection. I will definitely be rocking them on my trip to Vegas in August 😉 …So without further ado, here is the first from the collection…

Let me just note here, that like most neons, these dry to a matte finish. I was going to do a top coat for each, but it was too damn hot outside for all that! LOL…I really ended up liking them all with the matte finish though. But they’ll definitely POP with a glossy top coat of Seche! 😉 …Anyway, this is a beautiful purple with undertones of blue. SUPER pigmented! My only complaint about this one is that it’s a little thick and slightly clumpy. So application was a bit of a pain. Make sure you apply a super thin first coat and then build on that one. I ended up doing three coats on this one to take care of the streakiness, but it turned out great. I LOVE it!


7 thoughts on “Color Club ‘Poptastic’ Series

  1. Wow!! I absolutely loved this color! So pretty!I still don't have any Color Club but this will def. be my first choice!!Thanks for the follow on twitter :)I also have a blog about nail polish.Have a nice day.

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