Color Club Poptastic Series: Twiggie

Hey Polish Freaks, hope you’re enjoying you’re Saturday, I know I am! This is gonna be a quick post because I’m getting ready to make some moves on this HOT summer day! …So next up in the Poptastic series is Twiggie, a lovely shade of ripe lime green…the name automatically makes me think of Twiggy, the famous British super model from the 60s. Fun! The formula on this one is pretty nice. It applies opaque in two coats….I’m not very fond of greens, but this one is growing on me. I think I would only wear it to the beach or an amusement park or something like that. This color just evokes fun!


And just for kicks, I found a pick of Twiggy in a similar shade of green…

Ok, maybe not quite, but you get the idea! LOL!

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