Essie Resort Collection

I know I am late on this collection but it was released during my self-imposed ‘no-buy’. But I had my eye on this collection since and I knew I wanted all the colors. So I just bought the mini box set last week and had a chance to swatch them this weekend…I’m so in love with ALL the colors! I feel as though Essie should have went with this collection as their featured summer collection. Maybe they could have just expanded on the Resort Theme and added two more colors. The other summer collection is so random and none of the colors really stand out, I wasn’t impressed with it. But I was very impressed with this collection…I also find that I am starting to have a love/hate relationship with Essie’s formula. Sometimes it can be a bit sheer and it takes three to four coats to reach the opaqueness that I like. However, this collection surprised me as all four colors were opaque in two coats and VERY pigmented!

Lapis of Luxury
Splash of Grenadine
Turquoise & Caicos
Playa del Platinum
This is actually my fav of the collection, sometimes it’s the simplest colors that take my breath away. I’m having a love affair with taupes and ‘greiges’, as you may already know from my many posts on the greige trend, LOL…Love it!

6 thoughts on “Essie Resort Collection

  1. i just did my review on this collection too 😀 and yeah i agree, this one is way better than the "summer" collection. weird neons and lame orange? puhlease.

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