Julep Maven

I recently became a Julep Maven. If you haven’t heard of Julep it is a polish company based out of Seattle. They have a membership that allows you insider access to some of the hottest new colors of the season. They send you a really cute box once a month with polishes and spa products to pamper your hands and feet. The best part is, when you sign up, you take a “Style Quiz” that assesses your style and your beauty box is catered to you! My style is classic with a twist. I agree with that. I love classic pieces combined with the element of surprise.


This is what I have received so far…two polishes, hand scrub, Pedi Prep and Sicilian Orange Foot Soak. Check back, these products will be featured in a giveaway soon…


The is a really pretty, vibrant purple. Two coats. I love the color, don’t really care for it against my skin tone. I think it would look fantastic on a darker or lighter complexion.


A very light “blushy” pink. This was three coats since it was a little streaky at two. I really like this color, the peachy undertones bring out the warmth of my skin tone. I suppose this would be my classic color and ANNE the purple, is my twist. Overall I like the quality of these polishes and have been happy with my two beauty boxes thus far. Interested to see which polish colors I get next. If you are interested in signing up visit www.julep.com.


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