Get the Look: Pop Lip

The next look in this series is the Pop Lip Look.

Don’t be afraid of a bold lip.

Keeping everything else neutral will keep the look balanced and effortless.

The thing I love most about mark. products is that the quality is just as good as department store cosmetics, but much more affordable!

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Key Products

Min-A-Real Cream to Powder Foundation

Ultra-lightweight foundation, offers a creamy no mess application.

I swore by Mary Kay mineral powder foundation until I discovered this. I have always been afraid of cream foundations because they can be too heavy and pore clogging.

This foundation is the best of both worlds.

It evens my skin tone and doesn’t clog my pores. I admit I go to bed some evenings without washing my face and this has yet to break out my skin if I do happen to fall asleep with it on.

Another good thing about this foundation is that it is buildable, you can go sheer or layer for full coverage.

Lip Click Full Color Lipstick

Model is wearing Lip Click in Cha Cha. This lipstick is long lasting and has a nice shine to it.

It definitely moisturizes instead of drying your lips out like other lipsticks can do. Comes in 12 rich colors.

For the Pop Lip Look I would also recommend Coral Fixation or Whiney for an evening Pop Lip.


If I don’t put on anything else before I leave the house, I have to hit my Cheekbones and  T-zone with Glowdacious.

I switch between the Touch and Glow and this. However, if I had to choose, I’d grab the Glowdacious.

As a mom, my makeup routine has to be quick and fairly simple. Some lip gloss and Glowdacious and I’m out the door!

Model is wearing Glowdacious in Shimmied Up. It comes in three palettes.

On the Dot Bold Eye Color Compact

Nine highly pigmented colors come in this compact offering a variety of look combinations.

This is a must have compact!

For the Pop Lip Look, apply shade 2 (count from upper left corner) and follow with shade 4 in the crease and blend.

Pop Shade 3 on the center of the lid for an added hint of night catching shimmer.

Glow Baby Glow Luxe Lip Gloss

Last but not least, add just a touch of Glow Baby Glow to your Pop Lip and you’re all set. Comes in four colors, Flirty Luxe and Sun Luxe work best with this look.


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