Julep Metallics

I hate to say this but I really don’t care for Julep polishes too much. While the colors are really pretty and the presentation is nice (love the bottles), the formula is inconsistent. It varies from bottle to bottle. The inconsistency of the formula makes application messy and they usually dry with air bubbles. They chip easily if you ask me or maybe I’m just harder on my hands now with a little one than I was before…Yeah we’ll go with that. But I still don’t care for the formulas too much, they seem to be lacking something. However, I do LOVE the extras I get in the Maven boxes along with the polishes (foot scrubs, pedi creme, lip gloss etc) but I think I will be cancelling my Maven subscription. Here are the latest two polishes I received for the August Classic with a Twist box….maybe I switch to Bohemian Glam?





2 thoughts on “Julep Metallics

  1. I wasn’t too thrilled with them either- the only reason I got a 2nd box was because I forgot to cancel the subscription after buying my box-for-a-penny deal.

    I’m glad that I did get the second box, though- I don’t have any of their metallics, but I got 3 polishes from their Tina Turk collection and the formula is great! Out of the first box I got, though, I only liked the jelly-style polish- the other 2 had streaky application and chipped within the first day of wear… but I didn’t care because they looked like crap anyways.

    I earned a free 3rd box, and I’m interested to see how it turns out.

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