H&M Spring 2013 Key Pieces

Lately I haven’t been feeling the clothing in my local H&M here in RVA. I feel like the H&M here doesn’t get the “on trend” pieces that the stores in DC or NY might get. Over the last year or so, the clothing has been looking younger and younger. Or maybe it’s me…maybe my taste and style have matured. Whatever the case, this new campaign for spring ’13 featuring model Magdalena Frackowiak, gives me hope! The campaign features a nice mix of floral prints, stripe patterns and lightweight knits with a touch of retro that I love. Hopefully my local H&M get some of these pieces! I am going to keep my fingers crossed! 🙂 

MagdalenaHM2-800x809 MagdalenaHM3-800x844 MagdalenaHM4 MagdalenaHM5-800x851 MagdalenaHM6-800x874 MagdalenaHM7-800x799 MagdalenaHM8-800x832 MagdalenaHM9-800x804 MagdalenaHM10-800x820 MagdalenaHM11-800x804Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


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