Vintage Styling Tips: Harem Pants

Vintage Harem Pants

Hi Luvs,

I decided to start a series on how to style vintage clothing. If you’re new to thrifting and vintage shopping, your closet may be starting to fill up but you have no idea what to do with these cool pieces that you have found. Well, this is what this series is for. When I got into vintage shopping a few years ago, I would bring home blazers, blouses and dresses with eye catching prints. But they would just hang in my closet because I wouldn’t know how to incorporate it into my daily style. Eventually I got tired of staring at everything hanging in my closet and just started playing around. I would even look for pieces that resembled styles and cuts of “modern” fashion. Especially since today’s fashion pretty much mimics vintage and retro fashions.

So with that said, before you can start putting together a complete vintage outfit, I think its easier to start with one piece and build. So, for today’s tip, we are going to focus on the Harem Pant (bka Hammer Pants!). These are VERY easy to find in most thrift stores today. They are comfy and versatile as they can be dressed up or down. The pants should be the focus of the outfit. I usually like to pair my harem pants with a cropped top/tank or a fitted t-shirt. The top should be very simple to keep the focus on the pants. If you decide to go with a flowy top, it should be cropped to maintain balance. If you are short like me, then some wedge sandals or ankle strap sandals will help you from looking dowdy. If you are tall you can still throw on some heels or some flat gladiator sandals would be super cute as well. For some reason, I really like when the hair is pulled up in a high bun on top of the head when wearing my harem pants. I feel like it balances the whole look. Keep the jewelry light as the pants are very heavy already and you don’t want to look weighed down, unless of course you are really going for a gypsy look. If that’s the case, then do you boo! …Go for a bold nail color and keep your make up neutral if you are wearing pants with a bold print as shown below.

Email me ( if you would like advice on how to wear those vintage clothes

you’ve been staring at in your closet.


5 thoughts on “Vintage Styling Tips: Harem Pants

  1. Those are the most fabulous harem pants I have ever seen. This is a very cool idea though. Now, do you think that, say converse would work for a more tomboy kind of girl? Personally, If this were fall a great piece to add might be a simple black cropped blazer and black pumps.

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