About Me

Hi, I’m Alia Shardae aka PolishFreak, a bohemian, sometimes referred to as “hippie”, nail polish addict and lover of vintage fashion…. I work as a government contractor by day but my true love is for blogging and connecting with other ladies that share the same passions and addictions as I do 🙂 . My mother instilled in me a love for vintage fashion at an early age. She taught me how to look for quality clothing and fabrics. She taught me that you can find the same fine garments in the Goodwill that you can in major dept. stores. So my love for fine fabrics has evolved into a love for vintage clothing. Because let’s face it, if it is still around today from decades past, most likely it is made of quality materials. Vintage fashion also allows you to become your own muse and create a fashion that is unique to you!….I recently became addicted to nail polish a few years ago after tiring of acrylics and airbrushing. Yes, I used to wear acrylics, but I eventually out grew them and now I love my basic mani and pedi. But when I did let go of the french manicures, I discovered the nail polish wall and the rest is history. I am a VERY visual person and love to express my creativity through color and what better way to do that than with nail polish! ….So this blog is just a reflection of my love for all things fashion (with a focus on vintage), nail polish and everything in between. Don’t forget to click the “Shop” page if you are interested in browsing my latest vintage finds. I also love styling photoshoots and such so if you are looking for a stylist please email me at polishfreak1@gmail.com. Thanks for stopping by.


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